Went from Mud Boggin to Wildlife Bloggin…

My name is McKenna Merkel, I was born and raised on a farm in Bowie, Maryland. The outdoors has always been my go to for just about everything, in fact its become my passion. Not only did the farm life connect me but the simple pleasures of nature itself. I spent my weekends playing in the mud and tried my best not to miss a Sunday turkey shoot with my Remington 870 and my dad of course. At the beginning, the turkey shoots seemed like a lot of money just to bring home the bacon but as the years went on it brought home deer, ducks, geese and a girl who knew what she lived for. Hunting is called a hobby to most but to all my avid hunters in the world it becomes a life style even out of season. When we aren’t hunting, we are preparing ourselves for the next one to make it even more successful than the awesome year we had before. Hunting not only has brought food to the table, it’s given me memories that will last a life time and some of greatest friends I could ever ask for.

I’ve been able to take part in some incredible opportunities the past few years and i’m looking forward to what my future holds. I decided to start a blog to not only share my experiences but also to learn from others. As a female hunter, I hope that I can Inspire more females to pick up the sport and get more connected with the outdoors.

I hope you enjoy!!

PicMonkey CollagePicMonkey Collage2

7 thoughts on “Went from Mud Boggin to Wildlife Bloggin…”

  1. It makes me so happy to see women who love hunting just as much as I do!!! It is definitely my passion as well! I live to hunt! Can’t wait to follow your blog! Good luck this season girl!! Drop em dead!!! ♡

  2. McKenna,

    It’s me, Charle

    Nice site! I especially like the pictures of J.P.

    Just in case no one has told you lately:

    1) You are beautiful.
    2) You are Smart
    3) You are capable
    4) You could probably shoot the balls off of a squirrel 🙂
    5) You are awesome!

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