Pronghorn Hunt at Robinson Ranch, Douglas WY 2017

Well the past week has been an experience and definitely one I will never forget. I hunted Robinson Ranch in Douglas Wyoming and it is absolutely beautiful.

​I finally arrived to camp early afternoon Sunday and we spent the day getting ready for our week by shooting bows, checking watering holes and scouting for our first hunt Monday as well as an awesome dinner with the rancher and his family.

Monday morning we woke up at 4am and headed to our holes. I had seen lots of antelope through out the day and had lots of bucks around me. The only problem was they were staying on the far end of the watering hole that was just a little too far outta range. About 1:30ish I finally got about a 34 yard shot at a really nice buck and boyyyyy my adrenaline was pumping. I aimed a little high for the first shot and it went right over his back. Luckily he didn’t get spooked so I took a second shot and hit him.

I shot him broadside a little too close to his shoulder, the arrow didn’t make a complete pass through and fell out after he ran a few yards. I watched him for almost 2 hours and he finally bedded down. We waited till the next morning to look for him so we didn’t push him into the next pasture. When we arrived back at camp we watched the video footage and he was bleeding pretty good.

The next morning I got in the blind at 4:30am while some of the guys walked around the pasture at light where we had last seen him. Lots of blood and a trail but no antelope. It was just about 50 degrees in the mornings and 100 by noon and I sat in the blind till about 7:00 pm to see if he would come to the watering hole and he never did.

Wednesday morning we waited till daylight to walk the pasture mile by mile. There was 6 people, it took about 3 hours, and we searched the prairie high and low. Between a trail camera set up by the hole, hunting a 13 hour day Tuesday and walking Wednesday we had seen every buck in the pasture there was but none of them were mine. We finally gave up because there wasn’t much more we could do at this point except glass other pastures close by.

It’s a 22,000 acre ranch that ends the next pasture beside where I was hunting. I learned that antelopes typically don’t jump pastures but others and myself believe that as unlikely as it is he could have jumped fence and is still alive or he was already taken by coyotes. We found at least 6 carcasses that coyotes had recently gotten to in that pasture so it’s really hard to tell where exactly he could be.

As frustrated as I am for shot placement, worried he’s suffering and not being able to find him it was still an absolute blast and a really neat experience. It always fascinates me to watch how different people live, the land ,the animals, just the way of life. Already looking forward to next year to redeem myself with a little experience under my belt. The best part with hunting isn’t ever the kill but the memories to always keep with you and I gotta say this trip takes the cake!

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