Failure Brought Determination That Arched Me To Success.

I decided to live life at full draw and took up archery a few years ago. I had the best group of people to teach me all the in’s and out’s to getting started. Between all the pointers and the practice I assumed that bow season was going to be simple. I had great groupings in the vitals on a GlenDel Buck target with just about every practice round, so I was unsure as to what could be so hard in the woods. Very quickly it was figured out. My heart was beating so crazy that I couldn’t get it together. I’ll be honest, I ended my first bow season with 2 trees, a ground blind, 2 arrows left out of a dozen and some unbelievably brave friends. It was an absolute mess but the ground blind weighed in at about 25lbs dressed.946078_10204723748476561_6232475365103744949_nIf I asked for anymore advice it probably would have been a majority vote to just give up. I took the humiliation to motivation but I figured I needed to keep my determination towards getting a deer with my bow on the low for a while until everyone regained trust in me. I practiced the whole following summer, I shot just about everyday and knew I was somewhat ready once I had my first Robin Hood experience. Now the next season didn’t start out as positive as I hoped, in fact it was very aggravating.  Once I learned that taking my time and following the steps I had planted in my brain was all that mattered… BOOOOOOOOOM, I officially became successful, fearless and extremely grateful.



The feelings and thoughts you have when you are trying to harvest an animal with a bow doesn’t even compare to hunting with a rifle or shotgun. You constantly are thinking about what could walk out in front of you, if you’ll have enough time to stand up, if your mechanical broadheads are going to expand, if you smell like dirt or bath and body works because your easy, breezy, cover girl shampoo that you haven’t used in weeks but suddenly appears, slaps you in the face from the wind…which reminds you that you’re out of Sentlok Shampoo. Or if your range finder is right or not because you forgot to change the batteries and it slowly dies while making mental notes of 10, 20 and 30 yard marks . Once you hear the squirrel below you that sounds like a 180 class whitetail , I promise you will forget about everything. I can also promise that your first bow harvest is a thrill you will always remember and continue to feel. To all my present, practicing and future bow hunters keep up the good work. Determination brings success. I wish you much luck for the 2015-2016 archery season!!!!

Union Sportsmen’s Alliance

Union Sportsmen’s Alliance is a great organization that connects union sportsmen and women throughout North America. It brings everyone together to educate outdoor enthusiasts so that we can practice safe hunting and work together to build a stronger wildlife habitat. I strongly suggest to my friends and readers that if you yourself or a family member are a union worker, become a member of USA. They have so many great tips and information that would be beneficial to any hunter or fishermen. As well as a chance for great opportunities and connections.

I was recently invited to the Sportsmen’s Conservation Banquet last Wednesday in Ann Arbor Michigan. I was thrilled to be able to meet the USA field staff and the Brotherhood Outdoors super star himself, Justin Forni. This was a great opportunity and a chance to meet great people within this organization. Best of all, I made the big screen from the Buck Knives contest I won in the winter. I was featured in the 2015 Union Sportsmen’s Journal- “When Turkeys Don’t Talk” and was introduced in front of hundreds of members. It was definitely an exhilarating moment and so unexpected but a night I will never forget. I can’t thank the Union Sportsmen staff enough for letting me be a part of it.


Click here to watch Justin Forni- Cowboy vs. AZ Mule Deerbrotherhood-outdoors-85325966-226x139               Watch the Sportsman Channel for awesome hunts and a great TV show, don’t miss out on the Brotherhood Outdoors Labor day weekend Marathon.

Click here for the Labor Day Weekend Show Schedule – Brotherhood Outdoors


Went from Mud Boggin to Wildlife Bloggin…

My name is McKenna Merkel, I was born and raised on a farm in Bowie, Maryland. The outdoors has always been my go to for just about everything, in fact its become my passion. Not only did the farm life connect me but the simple pleasures of nature itself. I spent my weekends playing in the mud and tried my best not to miss a Sunday turkey shoot with my Remington 870 and my dad of course. At the beginning, the turkey shoots seemed like a lot of money just to bring home the bacon but as the years went on it brought home deer, ducks, geese and a girl who knew what she lived for. Hunting is called a hobby to most but to all my avid hunters in the world it becomes a life style even out of season. When we aren’t hunting, we are preparing ourselves for the next one to make it even more successful than the awesome year we had before. Hunting not only has brought food to the table, it’s given me memories that will last a life time and some of greatest friends I could ever ask for.

I’ve been able to take part in some incredible opportunities the past few years and i’m looking forward to what my future holds. I decided to start a blog to not only share my experiences but also to learn from others. As a female hunter, I hope that I can Inspire more females to pick up the sport and get more connected with the outdoors.

I hope you enjoy!!

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